Leonardo Caffo is professor of Aesthetics of Fashion, Media and Design and Semiotics of Art at NABA in Milan; he also teaches Aesthetics at IULM, also in Milan. He previously taught Theoretical Philosophy at the Polytechnic University of Turin. He writes for the “Corriere della Sera,” holds regular columns in “Internazionale,” “Lampoon” and “Interni,” and has been among the presenters and authors of Radio 3 RAI; he has worked as Curator at Triennale di Milano, was Philosopher in Residence for the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea and is a Member of the Steering Committee of the MAXXI Museum in Rome. His latest books include Costruire Futuri (Bompiani 2020) and Quattro capanne. O della semplicità (nottetempo 2020). For Einaudi he has published La vita di ogni giorno (2016),Fragile umanità (2017),Vegan (2018) and Velocità di fuga (2022). He directs the magazine “Parola,” the publisher Politi Seganfreddo Edizioni (of the international magazine Flash Art), and the Mater Matuta Master in Curatorial Studies for the Mediterranean at the Abadir Academy of Design in Sicily. He has curated dozens of exhibitions, worked directly on artist installations and design for museums and galleries including the research series on the concept of huts “Cabin-Out” and he was the founder and creative director of Walden Milano. He has written novels and diaries on the border between literature and philosophy including Il cane e il filosofo (Mondadori 2020),Essere Giovani (Ponte alle Grazie 2021),La montagna di fuoco. Etna la madre (Ponte alle Grazie 2022). Every year in May, he holds the experimental workshop “Rethinking Lampedusa” in collaboration between Northeastern University in Boston, the Made Program and the Moleskine Foundation on the Sicilian island. His forthcoming novel, published by Fandango publishing house, is called Due sogni. His works are translated and commented on in numerous languages.

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Lampedusa, 2022. Workshop x Northeastern University and Made Program.

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