Io ad Exeter, il 10 Marzo, parlo verso le 12

Saturday 10th March

8.15 – 8.45 Stallholders get-in and set up in the Margaret Rooms (MR 1-3)

8.30 – 9 Arrival and Registration in Queens Building Reception

9.15 Welcome in LT2

9.30 Keynote address: Dr. Richard Ryder, in LT2

10.15 – 11.30 SESSION 1

Animals in the Public Arena [chair: Mark Gold] LT2
1. Kim Stallwood: Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Political Movement? 
2. Lee McConnell: Animals as Property - The Adequacy of Current Legal Protection 
3. Daniel Allen: Institutional Opposition to Blood Sports in Britain, 1891 - 1919 
Workshop: Research and Communication Tools for Activists and Academics [Jessica Groling and Kerry Burton] Queens Classroom
This workshop will explore how the Freedom of Information Act (2000) can be used as a research tool and how to make the most of the mainstream media. 

11.30 – 11.45 BREAK

Stalls in MR 1 – 3

11.45 – 1 SESSION 2

Conservation [chair: TBC] LT2
1. Livia Apostol: A critical approach to the study of prosocial donations for the conservation of animal species
2. Kurtis Boyer: The Failure of 'Succeeding' in Wildlife Conservation
Speciesism [chair: Dr. Nigel Pleasants] LT1
1. Leonardo Caffo: Why Peter Singer is wrong
2. Christian Stache: The failures of metaphysical anti-speciesism and the benefits of historical materialistic Marxism for a social theory of animal liberation 
Workshop: Responding to the badger cull [Nikki Shaw and TBC] Queens Classroom

1 – 2.30 LUNCH in the Long Lounge, Devonshire House

Stalls in MR 1 – 3

A selection of short films TBC

2.30 – 3.45 SESSION 3

Theoretical Perspectives [chair: Daniel van Strien] LT2
1. Hannah Strommen: Biblical Animals: Returning to Genesis in the Wake of Jacques Derrida
2. Catherine Duxbury: "Through every forest, Above the trees, Within my stomach, Scraped off my knees, I drink the honey, inside your hive... You are the reason I stay alive": Theoretical observations on the Subjugation of Women and Animals: Why Poststructuralist Feminism is a must
3. Nathan Stephens-Griffin: Doing Critical Animal Studies Differently: Learning from Lorde
Representations of Animals in Literature [chair: Louise Squire] LT1
1. Seán McCorry: The Political Aesthetics of Mid-Twentieth Century Farm Fictions
2. Jane Flynn: Sense and sentimentality: A critical study of the influence of myth in portrayals of the soldier and horse during World War One
3. Tina Hartmann: A Dog's Words: Animal Language and Animal Intelligence in Ethology and Literature 
Workshop/Discussion: Emotions or Evidence? Effective activism needs hearts and minds [Toni Vernelli and Sarah Batt] Queens Classroom

3.45 – 4 BREAK

Stalls in MR 1-3

4 – 5.15 SESSION 4

Animals and Environmental Ethics [chair: Christiane Smith] LT2
1. Oscar Horta: Disregarding Sentient Beings: Speciesism and Environmentalism
2. Catia Faria: Unhealthy nature: the harms that animals suffer in the wild
3. Matteo Andreozzi: Non-human animals beyond anthropocentrism: some remarks about animals and environmental ethics
Animals, symbolism and visual culture [chair: Dr. Sam Hurn] LT1
1. Jingjing Zhao: Chinese Zodiac - Animal Images in Chinese Culture
2. Stuart Evans: From Fairytale to Road-kill: Animals in Art
3. Gill Bliss: Animals with Attitude: Finding a Role for Animated Animals
Workshop: Activism and Academia - Bridging the Gap [Daniel van Strien] Queens Classroom

5.15 – 5.30 BREAK

Stalls in MR 1-3

5.30 – 6.30 Closing Plenary LT2

Where do we go from here? A discussion…

Feedback from workshops.

Short presentation about Minding Animals 2.

6.30 Conference end

7.30 Dinner at Herbies Restaurant for those who have pre-booked a table

9 – late Fundraising gig in the Cavern

Featuring ONSIND and more TBC, plus poetry. Lorraine Parker will be reading poetry on Animal Issues from her collection RETRO-FLEXION. A chance to socialise and relax after the conference. In aid of South Devon and Cornwall hunt saboteurs. [small entry charge will apply]


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