Actions, Truth and Politics, or, the Philosophers’ Trial

The point is this: politics cannot only administrate what is already there, otherwise any kind of progress is precluded. The art of ruling is the art of foreseeing what might be better for a given community, by changing it. Independently from how sympathetic one might feel to Marx (it really doesn’t matter), one needs to admit that the German philosopher rendered well this idea of change that politicians, through their action, should bring when in German Ideology he defines communism as a ‘real movement that abolishes the present state of things’. If we want progress from politics, we have to expect political actions to be unforeseeable, that is, bearers of novelty.

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L. Caffo, (2012), “Actions, Truth and Politics, or, the Philosophers’ Trial”, in Nude Review, onlineGet on with it! New Realism and the End of the Postmodern, special issue II: May 2012, ISSN 2280-420X.


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