Machine(s) of Loving Grace



Organizzato da Milano Arch Week

giovedì 23 maggio, Triennale Milano, 18.30-20
By Francesca Luci, Margherita Marri, Andrea Mologni / CAPTCHA
Luigi Savio / AbNormal
con Azzurra Muzzonigro e Nina Bassoli
discutono Sofia Pia Belenky, Nicolay Boyadjiev / Strelka The New Normal
Leonardo Caffo / Waiting Posthuman Studio, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli / OMA,
Niccolò Ornaghi / Raumplan

Machine(s) of Loving Grace is part of a wider research produced by Francesca Luci/CAPTCHA, Margherita Marri/
CAPTCHA, Andrea Mologni/ CAPTCHA and Luigi Savio/AbNormal.

The mutual starting point is their Master Thesis, respectively: LOGISTICS LANDSCAPE and GOOGLEBOURG supervised by Mauro Baracco/Nina Bassoli and Stefano Boeri/Azzurra Muzzonigro.
Machine(s) of Loving Grace takes inspiration from the fictional
poem ‘All Watched Over by Machine of Loving Grace’ by Richard Brautigan which belong to the 70s euphoria for cybernetics.
Through the understanding of the object oriented ontology and the notion of Hyperobject, the talk will speculate on the emerging computational geographies and phenomena linked to Anthropocene, trying to unveil the relation between space and protocols.
In the discussion will take part Sofia Pia Belenky/ Strelka The New Normal, Nicolay Boyadjiev / Strelka The New Normal, Leonardo Caffo / Wating Posthuman Studio, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli / OMA , Niccolò Ornaghi / Raumplan


Open event > No registration required
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The program will be available from 15th May on the Milano Arch Week website / Il programma sarà disponibile dal 15 maggio sul sito di Milano Arch Week:


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