ABC Diary | NABA Course 2019/2020

The goal of my phenomenology course in @nabamilano this year is to build with my students of curatorial studies a new kind of ABC diary for the contemporary #artworld / our starting point is the project of #gillesdeleuze / we have an instagram account @abcphenomenology (please follow us) and a series of project of #interviews , @walden_milano events, publication, performance, etc. From A to Z we can try to explain and explore the amazing contemporary artworld

Abc Diary | NABA

A as Art

B as Biennale

C as Contemporary 

D as Digital 

E as Environmental

F as Fake

G as Gender or Globalization 

H as Human

I as Identity 

J as Junction or Judgment 

K as Keyword 

L as Life or Label  


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