Weakening Strategies: Vattimo and Chinese Thought | Pompeu Fabra

Weakening Strategies: Vattimo and Chinese Thought

Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona Spain


In this regard Chinese thought, and especially Daoist philosophy, can become a rich interlocutor with Vattimo’s philosophy. The Daode jing道德經 emphasizes virtues of softness and passivity, stating that  “The soft and weak overcome the hard and strong (柔弱勝剛強).” The classical Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi, moreover, is known for his emphasis on perspectivalism, understanding the limits of knowledge, and critiquing those who claim to have a complete understanding of truth. Daoism and other forms of Chinese philosophy have an important role to play in investigating the concept of weakness, in conversation with Vattimo’s philosophical and ethical project.

Confirmed speakers include:

Leonardo Caffo

Massimiliano Lacertosa

Liu Liangjian

James Miller

Erica Onnis

Graham Parkes

Mario Wenning


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