Cosmic Intelligences / National Pavilion Republic of Uzbekistan – La Biennale di Venezia

Join us this Saturday — September 24 at 16:00 — for a new conversation in the context of Dixit Algorizmi — The Garden of Knowledge.

cosmic intelligences: on philosophies and technologies of knowledge

In a recent paper titled “The Autodidactic Universe”, a group of physicists working with Microsoft put forward the theory that the laws governing the cosmos amount to nothing less than an evolutionary learning system. 

The universe, they argue, is a self-learning computer and, rather than exist in a solid state, it perpetuates through a series of laws that change over time – an idea not dissimilar to those put forward by philosophers such as Michel Serres, who has described the universe as an “infinite computer”. 

Whether or not these theories of pancomputationalism have merit, they suggest that our perception of the universe is shaped by the machines we build. 

What epistemological possibilities does the history of technology unlock for philosophers? And how is the thinking of philosophers reflected in the work of scientists today?

Conversation with
Ersilia Vaudo
Sarah Shin
Leonardo Caffo 

Moderated by
Joseph Grima


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