PAROLA magazine / Edit Milano 29nov.

It’s time to celebrate the launch of PAROLA magazine! 🎉

Join us at EDIT Milano Tuesday November 29th at 9 p.m.!

For the occasion, two guests will take the stage: 

🔥 Francesca Heart @serpentinedance, the musical project of artist and researcher Francesca Mariano, through which she explores the potential of computer music to create sound environments and witty lullabies that evoke primordial aquatic memories, drawing inspiration as much from mythological language as from Internet and video game sampling. Her latest record, “Eurybia”, is released in 2022 on the Leaving Records label. Her projects also include Archaeo Choreology and Serpentine Dance Studio, spaces dedicated to dance therapy and performing arts.

🔥 oak9000 @oak9000: a DJ, multidisciplinary artist and model currently based in Milan, Italy. There aren’t boundaries in her sets. These are journeys where unique rave sounds could dynamically be combined to ambient tunes through oriental inspirations. Bringing different cultural influences into her style, she mixes sounds, breaks, rhythms and spoken words from around the globe. She translates her passion and knowledge into a forward-thinking selection that cannot be defined by genres but rather by emotions and energy.

In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to get your copy of the first issue – MUSEUM: tap in the link in bio! Free shipping to Italy until November 29th 💥

Learn more on
See you next Tuesday!

The event is curated by @kadmonia


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