Talk in Vereinigung bildender Künstler*innen Wiener Secession

Tuesday 28.03.2023, 7:00 pm

The book launch, moderated by Basak Senova will feature an introduction to the Performative Habitats book, followed by a discussion by the book’s editors, Egle Oddo and Lori Adragna, as well as contributions by Leonardo Caffo, Lea Vene, and Suvi Vepsä. Performative Habitats, is published by Postmedia Books Milan, in English, French and Italian.

Performative Habitats brings biology, botany, and natural sciences together with the various languages of the arts. Emerging at the intersection of different methodologies and forms of knowledge, polyphonic realities generated through the inclusion of complex and complementary perspectives are presented in the book. The book offers insight into Egle Oddo’s research in a historical moment that sees climate change as a primary emergency. The artist, born in Italy and living in Finland, aims to reconvert daily practices and establish regenerative and sustainable production methods towards an evolution of inhabiting. The book was produced with the generous support of the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism under the Italian Council program (2020) and Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

Edited by Egle Oddo and Lori Adragna, designed by Basak Senova, the book presents essays by Lori Adragna, Michela Becchis, Karim Ben Hamed, Leonardo Caffo, Eva Comuzzi, Giorgio de Finis, Elisabetta Di Stefano, Patrizia Gambarotta, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Imen Labidi, Maria Vittoria Longhi, Åsa Lönnqvist, Orietta Masin, Juan-Luis Moreno Moreno, Maria Giovanna Musso, Irina Mutt, Santa Nastro, Egle Oddo, Anna Ruth, Cristina Salmeri, Anna Scialabba, Basak Senova, Abderrazak Smaoui, Claudia Stivali, Timo Tuhkanen, Lea Vene, Suvi Vepsä. The book was

The event is supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Vienna. The research of Egle Oddo is advancing at present under the auspices of The Finnish Cultural Foundation.



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